2. November 2017

New building

The sparrows are already whistling it from the roofs, now we make it official: The company SCHIELE Maschinenbau GmbH will build a new company building. The factory built by Josef Schiele in the 1970s unfortunately no longer meets today's requirements. The internal material flow is optimal, the available free space in the assembly area of the increasingly complex plant components is limited. The loading of the partly very large units requires intensive planning and is only carried out with the greatest possible effort.

In order to meet the upcoming challenges of the market, Birgit Gros and Stefan Schiele have decided to provide a solid basis for the future with a completely new company building. Loyal to the Niederzissen location and their home town, they have already acquired a corresponding plot of land in the new industrial area.

The building application has been submitted so that construction of the buildings can begin in 2017. The move still in 2017 seems realistic. Look forward with us to a new, exciting chapter in the long and successful history of Schiele Maschinenbau GmbH.