VACUMAT ProfileCoat®

Schiele - Vacumat ProfileCoat

The VACUMAT® ProfileCoat sets new standards for profile coating in economy, precision and flexibility – online or offline – irrespective of the material used.

The VACUMAT® ProfileCoat makes the reliable coating of work pieces with profile possible, using a water based and weather resistant coating system. Different customer requirements can be quickly and flexibly reconfigured.

The offline version as the heart of a coating line is the most versatile in displaying variations, consisting of pre-cleaning, coating and drying. The operator can rapidly adjust for individual requirements. The online version can be placed directly in an extruder line.

Capability characteristics

  • An extremely high coating quality due to a reliable overspray free Schiele VACUMAT® application technology proven for decades.
  • High efficiency. No time consuming masking of profile segments.
  • Rapid color and profile changes allow joboriented coating and therefore a considerable reduction of the inventory level of stock on hand.
  • Absolute even and homogeneous coating even in difficult to reach places.
  • With new profile forms, the machine operator can produce and exchange the required cover mask in the shortest possible time.
  • The newly developed Teflon coated and cooled application chamber, with quick-change system for matrixes and masks, reduces the time, energy and costs for cleaning and material loss during color changes to a minimum.
  • The most modern coating material management system monitors and regulates the coating medium characteristics and guarantees constant quality during continuous operation.
  • High production safety factors. The VACUMAT® is designed for 24 hour continuous operating.

Masks are mounted in the Teflon coated and cooled application chamber precisely covering the area that is not to be coated.

In connection with the specially developed transport system, with rapid roller changes, expenditure of time for profile change in the line is minimized. This facilitates a flexible, economical and order related coating. All adjustment parameters are reproducible.

Range of applications

VACUMAT® ProfileCoat offers an unlimited range of application possibilities. The VACUMAT® ProfileCoat is individually tailored to the requirements of the customer order and fitted to the profile form. Examples of common materials that can be coated are: PVC, polypropylene, wood, metal ... In the Schiele test lab we can conduct intensive experimental and practical trials or tests and produce coating examples. Please contact us.