VACUMAT LaminateCoat®

Schiele - Vacumat LaminateCoat

Vacuum hydrophobation of the edges of laminated flooring elements with sealing agents, without waste and overspray.

VACUMAT® technology consists of a unique method of controlling precisely and effectively the amount of coating medium being distributed. It guarantees that the middle layer of the supporting plate, where a high measure of effective protection is essential, receives a constant application of the necessary amount of moisturerepellent agent to the cross-section of the profile.

Capability characteristics

  • Highest standard of coating quality through reliable Schiele VACUMAT® application technology that has been proven successful for decades.
  • Constant production quality through a VACUMAT® coating head that is fitted to the work piece application area.
  • High application reliability. The segments to be coated are completely wetted by the water-repellent finishing material.
  • Simple conversion from click system to standard system.
  • No pollution of the decoration surface and the production line.
  • No time critical deenergizing (driving to zero) of application valves required.
  • Superb efficiency. Feed rates of up to 180 m/min and more can be obtained depending on the work piece.
  • Waste free use of the material inventory.
  • Can be easily integrated into the production line due to a compact and modular construction.
  • Highest standard of efficiency in the processing of various work piece forms due to the easily interchangeable coating heads.
  • Machine cooling/heating in the application wet area and external medium management are possible.
  • High production reliability. The VACUMAT® has been designed for a 24-hour operation.

The patented VACUMAT® coating system eliminates complicated, time critical control techniques that are complex for the adjustment of the feed rate. The high operational reliability and effectiveness of the VACUMAT® system has been proven in numerous application cases at very high feed rates. The processing technology specially modified for the VACUMAT LaminateCoat® guarantees a constant transport of the water-repellent finish medium without pollution of the machine parts.

Ranges of application

The VACUMAT® was designed for the wood processing industry. However, the concept of the machine also makes coating of other materials possible. Please contact our application experts for further information concerning your needs or questions. For application use outside the wood processing industry Schiele offers the VACUMAT SpecialCoat®, a technically perfected machine concept that is universally usable.