Schiele - Vacumat EdgeCoat

Vacuum coating without waste and overspray from the edges up to the glued joint, or up to a fixed border – this means that separate protective masking of pieces is not necessary. Various coating mediums can be employed.

Capability characteristics

  • Highest standard of coating quality through reliable Schiele VACUMAT® application technology that has been proven successful for decades.
  • Exact coating up to the pre-defined limit without adhesive tape masking. Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm.
  • Constant production quality through a VACUMAT® coating head that is fitted to the work piece application area.
  • Even individually shaped work pieces can be coated on the edges.
  • Superb efficiency. Feed rates of up to 200 m/min and more can be obtained depending on the work piece.
  • Suitable for push-push operation as well as single component coating.
  • Three dimensional edge coating is possible.
  • Waste free use of the material inventory.
  • Diverse coating mediums can be used, e.g., water based varnish, UV varnish, water UV varnish, oil, wax, etc.
  • Extremely small space requirement.
  • Can be easily integrated into the production line due to a compact and modular construction.
  • Automatic fitting to material tolerances is an optional feature.
  • Highest standard of efficiency in the processing of various work piece forms due to the easily interchangeable coating heads.
  • Machine cooling in the application wet area and external medium management are possible.
  • High production reliability. The VACUMAT® has been designed for a 24-hour operation.

The VACUMAT EdgeCoat Vario® model aligns the axial controlled coating head automatically for the various edges and rabbet forms.

A number of system components can be selected for optimizing the quality and increasing the efficiency, e.g., coating medium heater to influence the rheology, UV dryer, automatic coating medium filter, automatic coating medium refill, etc.

Ranges of application

The VACUMAT EdgeCoat® was developed for the wood processing industry for processing massive wood edge strips, door edges and rabbets, veneered and foiled edges, medium-density fiber-board edges, etc.. However, the machine concept makes it possible to coat other material. Please contact our application experts for further information concerning your needs or questions. For application use outside the wood processing industry Schiele offers the VACUMAT SpecialCoat®, a technically perfected machine concept that is universally usable.