Schiele - TransferDisc

Economic, fast and simple - TransferDisc-System in use (Välinge Patent)

Chamfer painting simple and efficient for production lines up to 160 m/min. Loss- and overspray-free mini-chamfer coatings of floor or wall elements and boards with water-based varnish systems or solvent-containing products.


Extremely fast tool/profile changes due to the special construction, leading to shorter equipment times, very low space requirements for the drying route by replacing the high-performance NIR radiators, high availability, equal + reproducible qualities, easy operation, customer-specific design, economic, high precision at the break-off edge at precise guidance of the parts, very short varnish change times.


The system has been developed further for the parquet industry to seal the fronts of parquet planks with transparent, water-based hydrophobisation agent.