Schiele - Impregmat Profimat

The solution for a clean application and polishing of higher-viscous water-based varnishes or oil systems on planks. All common special systems for the facade or garden area are easily applied with the PROFIMAT. Work piece dimensions up to 250x50mm. Material-contacting components are made of rust-free materials (stainless steel, aluminium, plastic). The machine body is completely applied with an industrial anti-adhesive coating in the varnishing area.

Suitable for:

Water-based varnishes or solvent-containing, higher-viscous oil systems for the outdoor area.

Capability characteristics

  • Best coating quality from secure Schiele IMPREGMAT® application technology that has proven its worth over years.
  • Low use of material, excess substance is brushed off, filtered and resupplied to the application process again.
  • Filter system, pressure circulation with integrated filter cleaning are patented Schiele process technologies warranting interference-free production.
  • High efficiency; Depending on the work piece and the handling systems present, infeed speeds of 20 to 80 m/min can be achieved.
  • Secure all-round application by double-X overlap of the multiple area nozzles.
  • Highly intense and effective polishing by press-on systems and 7 counter-rotating polishing brushes active on all sides in a special design.
  • The IMPREGMAT® polishing system can be adjusted to different work pieces in a few steps. An automatic pre-setting is available optionally.
  • Simple cleaning; Generous cover flaps permit fast access to the inside.
  • Quick locks permit very simple assembly and disassembly.
  • High product safety; The PROFIMAT is designed for 24-hour-operation. (standard design without EX protection)

Product description

A patented machine conception that has proven its worth for highly effective, loss-free painting of planks a-thousand-fold. The latest generation combines the effectiveness and simplified handling in a robust design. All drive elements are external and encapsulated against the application medium. The areas of the machine that come into contact with the coating material are made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic (non-rusting materials). In addition to this, the machine body must be applied with an industrial anti-adhesive coating.

Replace tedious, time-consuming manual work by the operator-friendly effective and economically efficient PROFIMAT technology.

The work pieces are inserted into the plant in the seam-to-seam procedure. The unique Schiele spray system ensures an even and sufficient coating of the surfaces (all-round). Then the coating material is brushed into the wood and the excess is brushed off by the counter-rotating brushes so that the work pieces leave the plant almost drip-free. The rollers in the basic machine are driven. The infeed speed can be controlled smoothly in the range from 20 to 80 m/min (other infeed speeds on request). Longer, heavier beams pass the system without pressure rolls applied from the top. Quickly installable pressure rollers ensure correct passage of lighter planed goods, such as planks and slats.

The central placement below the machine of the outflow permits easy processing of small and large volumes. The combined IMPREGMAT® filter system with pressure circulation and filter cleaning is a patented Schiele process technology. Excess material is brushed off, filtered and returned to the circulation.

The proven IMPREGMAT® super spray system with double-x-overlap of the multiple area nozzles warrants a high degree of application.

The PROFIMAT polishing system has 7 counter-rotating brushes of the highest quality. They are driven smoothly controlledly. The materials used should be set so that the material will not harden in the brushes too fast (drying time). This permits profile changes without any great effort. All PROFIMAT machines are equipped with a cleaning aid. At the end of work or when the paint is changed, the inner machine area can be cleaned in a comparably short period of time.